The message is simple- To help you lead without borders.

Somya trains, LLC  offers coaching and training solutions for individuals and teams to become successful leaders, work seamlessly with global dexterity, and drive impact across cultural borders.

I Believe that

• Leadership style is unique to every individual. Your environment, your culture and  your experiences contribute to how you lead

• Leadership can be broken down into skills …yes, seriously. You can master these skills through practice

• Trust is the bedrock of any successful team

• Embracing change begins with removal of self-created borders in our minds

• Making faux pas is inevitable, be it in your team or working across cultures

Who are my Clients?

Individual clients are business owners, entrepreneurs, higher education professionals, technology leaders, managers, and health care professionals. I also work with teams and organizations in the mentioned areas as well.


Working with leaders at all levels to dramatically improve the quality of their impact.


We work with teams and make them more productive by building trust

Talent Development

We help in talent development through customized learning & training solutions

Client success stories

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