The message is simple- To help you lead without borders.

Somya trains, LLC  offers coaching and training solutions for individuals and teams to become successful leaders, work seamlessly with global dexterity, and drive impact across cultural borders.

I Believe that

• Leadership style is unique to every individual. Your environment, your culture and  your experiences contribute to how you lead

• Leadership can be broken down into skills …yes, seriously. You can master these skills through practice

• Trust is the bedrock of any successful team

• Embracing change begins with removal of self-created borders in our minds

• Making faux pas is inevitable, be it in your team or working across cultures

Who are my Clients?

Individual clients are business owners, entrepreneurs, higher education professionals, technology leaders, managers, and health care professionals. I also work with teams and organizations in the mentioned areas as well.


Working with leaders at all levels to dramatically improve the quality of their impact.


We work with teams and make them more productive by building trust

Talent Development

We help in talent development through customized learning & training solutions

Somya trains LLC can help you

Achieve a professional goal by mastering leadership skills
Develop teams that are empowered and productive
Transition from a technology expert into a role of a people manager
Develop cross-cultural communication strategies to succeed in a global work place

Client success stories

As an American senior IT professional in a multi-national company who works in an advisory, but not supervisory, role with Indian and Chinese colleagues, I was aware that cultural differences could impact my effectiveness. Having had some minimal cultural awareness training in the past, I wanted to deepen my understanding of my colleagues' cultures. Working with Somya to complete the Culture Active assessment was an easy, and eye-opening, experience.

Through her coaching, Somya was able to direct me towards several areas where my assumptions about how to communicate with my coworkers did not match reality. Her specific suggestions for action have shown immediate positive results, and I'd happily recommend her to anyone seeking to increase their effectiveness in working across multi-national organizations.

- Jason B

Senior Technology Expert in a Fortune 100 company

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a process based on asking powerful questions and creating sustainable solutions. I work with high-achieving professionals and help them understand their challenges and empower them to find their own solutions. I support my clients in this process as they evolve into a better professional and a leader.
As a coach, I:

  • Serve as your trusted confidante and guide you through the tough issues that you may experience.
  • Facilitate your thought process towards setting goal(s) that you would like to accomplish.
  • Initiate structured conversations focused on your goals and
  • Help you with managing change and other precursors that cause stress and lack of motivation.
  • Hold you accountable for acting towards your goal by establishing a sustainable action-plan

How long does coaching take to work?

Every client is unique. Typically, a coaching engagement lasts for 3 to 6 months which includes having conversations, developing an action-plan and working towards accomplishing it. A coaching session lasts an hour and I meet my clients as per their needs. This could be weekly/bi-weekly/monthly. I am also available if there is a need for additional support. There is an option for One-hour coaching Session. If you are busy and need me for a specific issue, we can get together and get targeted, powerful results in an hour.

What is executive coaching?

Executive coaching is often confused as a specialty coaching for individuals with the job title- “Executive”. But, it is coaching for anyone who has an executive role. You could be a manager, a business owner, a scientist or a medical professional. If you experience challenges that are obstructing your growth and desire to lead, then you should consider engaging in coaching session with me.

Is your coaching specialized for STEM/technology/higher-ed leaders?

No, not at all. My rationale to do so is to open this avenue to professionals in the technical and academic fields where coaching opportunities are rare. Additionally, having worked in the higher education and biotechnology field earlier in my career, I can empathize with these scenarios better.

Do you coach leaders to work across cultures?

Yes, I do. I am a licensed intercultural trainer. I help individuals and teams building better working relationships using global culture mindset. I also coach leaders on developing these skills as needed.

What else is included in a coaching engagement?

Depending on your need and goals, I may use of the following tools:
– Personal Assessments
– Team-based Assessments for coaching teams
– Role Plays
– Action-items between sessions
– 360-degree Assessments
– Micro coaching

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